We invite you to experience a whole new way of learning.


This provides a variety of carefully- and mindfully-designed learning experiences that allow our children to grow in all the developmental areas we believe are essential in the early years. Read more here>>

Our Senior High School Program aims to develop both skill and academic mastery within the young adult.Our SHS Program has six strands that students can choose from. Read more here>>

We bring out the scientist in each child regardless of his or her innate intelligence through discovery. Our approach is immersive and experiential so that appreciation and mastery are natural and accelerated. Read more here>>

HEDCen in partnership with iCarnegie Global Learning will empower children with skills in Information Technology through its internationally competitive IT curriculum Read more here>>

This program has committed itself to equipping its players with the competence and capability to excel and has been recognized in the local football arena for its consistent achievements. Read more here>>

The school accepts the enrollment of children with learning disabilities and those who are academically or behaviorally challenged BUT are considered highly functional or educable. Read more here>>