1st Trimester Final Evaluation and Assessment

Dear Parents,

As you well know, our 1st Trimester Final Evaluation and Assessment week is fast approaching. Due to the nature of online learning, some of our subjects will be holding project-based tests. Kindly refer to your child's classroom for detailed instructions on these. We enjoin you to help your child manage his/her time so that these final projects are submitted on or before the set deadline.

HEDCen's unique retest policy is still in effect. We believe that offering second chances is a win-win situation for everyone. If taken seriously, they are a self corrective approach to do better in a subject.

Note that retests for this year are offered free-of-charge and are given to students who achieve a lower than passing grade in either project-based finals or in more traditional sit-down tests. We would also like to invite anyone who wishes to get a higher score to also take the retest.

Cheers and good luck in the coming finals week!