We invite you to experience a whole new way of learning!

Some people call it holistic, others call it integrated; while still others call it progressive. We at The Little Farmhouse simply call it, "a way of life."

We believe in an educational system that sets no boundaries to learning with a curriculum that brings out the best in everyone and nurtures the dream of each child.

Whether he be a scientist, a musician, a teacher, an athlete, a public servant, or an artisan, your child should be given the chance to be a hero, to be involved in something greater than himself, to build and create, to realize that his spirituality rests on an active role in discovering himself through a heightened sensitivity to beauty and a passionate pursuit for peace, justice, and respect for life and his environment.

Our school motto aptly epitomizes our mission-vision: "Better people, better earth." However, all this remains just discourse unless you take the plunge and join us in our adventures through school, across nations, and beyond.