Discovery and Play Program

The Discovery and Play (Early Education) Program provides a variety of carefully and mindfully designed learning experiences that allow our children to grow in all the developmental areas we believe are essential in the early years. Accelerated learning is achieved through discovery and play, and allows children as young as two years old to learn basic skills integrated into enjoyable activities that encourage learning.

HEDCen Preschool

Program Descriptions

Play Program (2 - 3.7 years old)

Learning experiences are given through non-threatening and enjoyable activities. The primary focus of the program is on developing social skills, group and cooperative learning. Readiness in learning how to read and write, to count, and to recognize colors are just some of the outcomes of this program.

Basic Awareness Program (3.6 to 4.7 years old)

Developing confidence and good learning behavior are the main objectives of this program. Children acquire beginning reading, math and writing skills and develop independence, initiative and confidence. Children learn through movements, arts, music and science.

Discovery Program (4.6 to 5.7 years old)

Children develop interest in a wide range of topics from Anatomy to Geography since they are naturally curious, spontaneous, eager and sociable. Words, phrases and sentences anchored in their experiences within the school are some of the challenges in reading. Children learn to observe, experiment and discover.

Grade One (5.6 to 7 years old)

This is the practical application of everything learned from Level I to III. Children read to learn and discover and develop more interests. Math is used as a means to understand simple commerce and everyday experiences. It is not perceived as an end itself. Reading is used as a vehicle to learn about and understand his environment. Science provides the experiences that develop concepts and further hones reading, language and math skills. As a transitional program from preschool to elementary, children develop good study habits through regular homework, drills, and seatwork.