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HEDCen StudentsWe believe that Multimedia and Information Technology is a tool used for research, for communicating, and for creating -- - no matter what one’s chosen profession. Competence in IT ups one’s game and broadens chances for good opportunities in their chosen field. A student equipped with the know-how for IT while provided with proper guidance alongside high-level education raises more responsible and intelligent users. HEDCen in partnership with iCarnegie Global Learning (powered by Carnegie Mellon University, a world leader in the field of Computer Science and Robotics) will empower children with skills in Information Technology through its internationally competitive IT curriculum in SY 2016-2017. HEDCen is presently 1 out of 3 schools in the Philippines to offer this program.


The program is more than learning to program. It’s about learning how to succeed in a high-technology and socially-connected world. It’s about embracing exploration, discovery, allowing for collaboration and problem-solving. Unlike coding programs that teach short programming courses or computer architecture concepts, iCarnegie’s STEM Computer Science and Coding Program is a whole classroom solution that will teach your child to apply the skills learned to everyday life.

HEDCen Students


The program will involve teaching coding to our students from Grade 1 until Grade 10 using HEDCen’s pedagogy of learning-by-doing instruction. Our students will then learn to program through the making of animation, games, and such other interactive applications.


The Program will make up the new Multimedia and Information Technology Program. We are giving the same level of importance to this program as all of the other subjects, from our sciences to our physical education class.


Successfully completing an iCarnegie course certification exam (both comprehensive and practical) earns your child an iCarnegie certification and certificate, in addition to their regular HEDCen credit, indicating a solid graduate ready for further education or employment.

About iCarnegie

Carnegie Mellon is a pioneer in Computer Science. Founded in 1998, iCarnegie Global Learning is a subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University, a world leader in the field of Computer Science and Robotics. Building on the tradition of the university that helped revolutionize the teaching of computer science, iCarnegie’s unique and comprehensive STEM (Science Technology Emgineering Math) Computer Science and coding program:

  • is based on academic concepts developed at Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top Computer Science institutions in the world;
  • is a whole classroom, out-of-the-box solution that aligns assessment, instruction, education technology and teacher training;
  • has demonstrated mapping to Common Core Math and ELA, Next Generation Science, and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA standards; and
  • helps students develop 21st Century college and career readiness skills

iCarnegie Global Learning is a leading global education provider of research-based STEM curriculums, consulting targeted groups – K12, University and Vocational education. Programs by iCarnegie Global Learning are accredited to US standards and delivered through a global network of 2,000 trained instructors. Over the years, the company has taken Carnegie Mellon programs and experiences, and created customized offerings to help organizations achieve their educational goals and strategies in more than 20 countries around the globe.

HEDCen Students