Mainstreaming and Inclusive Program

We open our school's doors to all learners, especially with HEDCen's Inclusive Program.

The school accepts the enrollment of children with learning disabilities and those who are academically or behaviorally challenged BUT are considered highly functional or educable. HEDCen does NOT have a separate formal special education program but instead offers the regular school curriculum as its basis for special consideration as may be necessary.

Under the Inclusive Program, children with special needs assessed by a developmental pediatrician or a psychologist and recommended to be mainstreamed in a regular school may be admitted in the regular program of the school, provided:

  1. The recommendation for mainstreaming can be accommodated by HEDCen's existing school set-up;
  2. The parents provide the interventions and therapies necessary for the child to function in HEDCen's school set-up; and
  3. The parents agree to comply with the conditions imposed by the school for the Program by signing the Mainstreaming Contract with the school.

In addition to the mainstreaming / inclusion requirements of the school such as continuing therapy, supervision by a "shadow teacher". among others; given the specific circumstances of the child and upon consultation with his parents, doctors and therapists, the school may require other arrangements that may be unique to the child.