HEDCen: Brightening and Improving the World, One Student at a Time

by Julianne Andrea Inumerable

With the motto, “Better People, Better Earth”, Holistic Education & Development Center or HEDCen has achieved excellence, good morals, wisdom, and knowledge with its students. Established on July 1, 1992, the school welcomed students great or small. One among those students in the flock was me. I, a student who moved into the school in 2017, have grown into the culture of my “new home” like an orchid developing and flourishing with a Narra Tree. HEDCen was a new kind of whimsy to me, I never expected I’d find myself enjoying my classes in a school that homed animals amongst the students. HEDCen’s love for nature, learning, wisdom, and football makes it stand out from the crowd.

In photo: Grade 9 students, Eia and Rafael in a story telling session with pre-school students as part of their teacher day activity. Photo by Jake Garcia

Holistic Education and Development Center, being a progressive school, welcomes students with all kinds of dreams, hopes, talents, and mindsets- some minds which you may not know exist. Students from Level 1 to Senior High all think differently and are allowed to speak their mind while discerning which words to say or not to say. Another significant aspect that makes HEDCen stand out is its constant support, study, and love for the Tungtong River.

Tungtong River photo by HEDCen alumnus Rye Delfin

Located in the steeper and greener area of Beverly Hills Subdivision, students and faculty of HEDCen dedicate their time and effort to do clean-ups and contribute to its ever-growing flora and organisms. Partaking in these activities and meeting all kinds of great minds have made me more aware and concerned for all living creatures. Like a human with autism and a river that has survived a thousand years, they both are worthy of love and respect.

The educational system of the school does not only teach one their ABCs or algebraic expressions, but also prepares them for the outside world. The yearly Science Expo may be scary for a student, but behind its mask, it is a preparation for college’s thesis reports.

In photo: HEDCen SHS students defending their thesis in BCSP. Photo by Henry Calilung

The Science Expo does not only prepare one for their college thesis, but it encourages much teamwork, communication, experimentation, and imagination. The academic system emphasizes on sciences, and allows a student to showcase their talents in class.

With all this said, it was a rocky road for me to adjust. Having to juggle 4 kinds of sciences and football, I was still determined to carry on learning. Along the way, I discovered my love for Biology, Literature, and Geometry. The school’s teachers are encouraging, ecstatic, and wholesome. Teachers here show a great passion for their assigned subject and all have unique teaching tactics.

In photo: HEDCen Faculty members gearing up for the school year. Photo by Jake Garcia

To say that HEDCen’s education system is great is just an understatement, but I’ll leave it to you and your child to build your own opinion on this matter. Students, great or small, are all human. They are human because they all think complexly, learn differently, and adjust uniquely. The students all have dreams, and they strive with their best to accomplish all these. I myself participate in this trend of being human. I used to consider myself alien to the school’s culture, but with time, I realized with my experiences that I am human. Even if I was new to the environment, I was not alien because like other students, I have dreams, I make mistakes, and I improve over time. With all this said, HEDCen successfully scores again, helping a student realize her human capability and incapability so she may become a better person with a better world.

In photo: EED SPortsfest obstacle course game. Photo by Jake Garcia

HEDCen, from humble beginnings, has established itself not only as a school, but also a home where one can grow to love learning, reaching out, others, and themselves for who they are. Surprisingly for me, a student who just moved in two years ago, I’ve grown and learned more. Like learning a musical instrument, it takes time and it takes much experience to master, I’ve learned to become a better person for a better earth.

In photo: Zeck playing drums for his music class while wearing an ethnic attire. Photo by Jake Garcia

I’ll just have to keep moving forward to help improve the world, one action at a time. HEDCen Lead!

In photo: Students raising their fists in the “HEDCen Lead!” part of the HEDCen hymn. Photo by Jake Garcia

About the author

Julianne Inumerable is a Grade 8 – Mandela student who is a budding story teller, artist, and public speaker. She has studied in HEDCen for 2 years and she takes interest in Biology, Geometry, and English Language Arts. She creates things, no matter how silly or obscure.