Guidelines on Daily SOPs

Good day, dear parents!

We would like to send you these guidelines to clarify our daily SOPs:

1) Each student is to go to the Google Classroom of the subject at the scheduled time and wait for instructions from the teacher. Note that classes are not always facilitated via video calls (Zoom or Meet) and so links may not always be posted. The students will be advised ahead of time if and when a class is going to be conducted via a video call. Links to these video calls are posted as an assignment in the classroom so that the calendar and the stream are both automatically updated.

2) The updated class schedules are posted in the Homeroom of each grade level. The schedules have been posted under the topic Circulars / Bulletins (go to classwork, click on Circulars / Bulletins).

3) We have erected Independent study periods for Grades 2 to SHS. These are to be used for self-learning. A student may use these to work on projects/assigned tasks. A subject teacher may also use this to hold consults similar to what happens during i2 sessions. We also encourage the use of these periods for short screen breaks which are important in keeping our eyes (and minds) healthy. Let's encourage our child to look out the window from time to time!

4) i2 sessions have been assigned to particular subjects (please refer to the schedule in the Homeroom). Kindly go to the subject classroom as indicated in the schedule during an i2 session for instructions.

Note that the preschool levels until Grade 1 will continue to be highly assisted in their daily tasks by the teachers and so are not expected to follow these guidelines.

Thank you and stay safe!