HEDMUN Conference 2021 Update

HEDMUN 2021's committee sessions are done! Did you have fun watching the delegates battle it out during the debates? Well, you can see them again!
The final day for HEDMUN 2021 will be held on Saturday, February 13. This time around, the delegates will be presenting the resolutions that were approved by their committees to the General Assembly.
This Saturday's livestream can be seen on: https://youtu.be/aBPXV-V_SLk
Thank you so much for the overwhelming support we received from the first day of our HEDMUN conference! To all the people who watched the livestream, we did not expect more than 500 viewers in total throughout our livestreams!
We would like to thank Dr. Erlinda Pefianco and Ms. Pam Del Valle for taking time off from their hectic schedules. On behalf of the HEDCen community, we thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given the delegates to share them with your insights. We hope to see you
again soon.
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